Eye test

Visual efficiency profile
An analytical eye examination consists in a sequence of tests that reproduce the demands everyday life makes on our visual system and the subsequent stress that derives from it.

The answers we receive from the person being examined make it possible to trace their VISUAL EFFICIENCY PROFILE. This examination does not limit us to know if you have 10/10 vision or not but allows us to “see the world through your eyes”, it tells us how people carry out their usual activities, if they have any difficulties, fatigue and how their body, in particular their visual system responds to stress and how they have adapted or are about to adapt.

The information we get allows us to establish the most suitable visual solution for each person.

This kind of approach allows us to prevent setting up “adaptations” to stress by our visual system that in practice results in difficulty or inability to perform our working and leisure activities in an efficient and relaxed way.

This type of test is carried out in the store. On the basis of the results complete information is provided relating to traditional means of compensation such as glasses or contact lenses as well as complimentary techniques when indicated relating to transforming any possible discomfort through a programme to improve the human potential of every individual. This means not only compensating for any visual defect but also to train and improve all visual inabilities in a natural, profound and lasting way.

Immediate remote edging

using remote edging makes it possible to order lenses in real time without having to hold on to the frames thus avoiding inconveniences.

3D video centering system

allows us to determine individual centering parameters quickly and accurately without having to apply any measuring accessory on your frames.

Ophthalmic products

Monofocal lenses

Lenti atte a consentire una visione nitida da lontano o da vicino

Depth of Field Lenses

Solutions for sharp and relaxed vision for long, short and intermediate distances now available in three different levels of customisation, are suitable for those who need to see a middle distance for long periods.

Progressive Lenses

The term progressive refers to lenses for all distances that allow a vision from near to infinity without interruption of continuity. Individualised progressive lenses are the result of guaranteed maximum visual comfort and are custom-made for all eyes and all needs.

Aberrometry Lens Power Calculation

Contact Lenses

We study every individual case considering all the aspects that influence the use of contact lenses by not only evaluating the necessary physiological and visual parameters but also lifestyle and the needs of every potential individual wearer. Only on the basis of all this information do we produce custom-made contact lenses made specifically for each individual case. At our store we perform:

Corneal Topography: detectable corneal parameters can be selected and returned in numerical form together with the colour topography, while the instrumental report can be set according to specific needs required for the case in question. This tool makes it possible to simulate the application of lenses and to evaluate their relationship to the corneal surface in order to significantly decrease the number of necessary tests to define the best application even in particularly complex and delicate cases.

  • Tests to:
  • assess suitability to use contact lenses
  • select the most compatible materials.
  • Multifocal contact lenses to resolve far-sightedness: achievable with any geometry and material.

    We manufacture and apply contact lenses even in cases where the cornea is irregular and consequently application requires particular experience:
  • corneal transplant, corneal dystrophy, keratoconus, acute and/or irregular astigmatisms

° orthokeratology overnight vision correction –> an innovative and revolutionary programme that uses special contact lenses at night that allows for daytime vision without lenses or glasses