About us

OTTICA ORBASSANO has been providing specialised services for the optical world since 1979. Ever attentive to our customers’ needs with skilled staff and in step with technological change we are able to identify and correct visual problems with high quality technological products to suit all requirements and protect your sight in the best way.

To be able to provide a reliable and increasingly precise service our Optical Centre uses a 3D video centering system that allows us to determine individual centering parameters quickly and accurately, without having to apply any measuring accessory on your frames. Given its precise measurements it is possible to make glasses like every single wearer: unique and individual!

Ottica Orbassano

The Laboratory

Glasses are mounted in our INTERNAL LABORATORY that is equipped with computerised tools that make it possible to perform individualised design and fitting.

Our laboratory uses an immediate remote edging programme to manage the shape and insert all the data relating to the lens order, technical notes, treatment and all individual data to carry out real time remote lens grinding. The final result of the remote edging allows us to obtain lenses that are already processed and shaped ready for mounting without having to hold on to the frames thus avoiding inconveniences.